Ministering: Bishop David Oyedepo

God’s leadings are the highways to the gushing of water in the desert; Isaiah 48:21.

Allow God to lead you!

No believer can emerge as an eagle without subscribing to God’s continuous leading. You get things done cheaply when you do only what God tells you to do; and if you cannot be corrected, you cannot be directed. God leads through reproofs, corrections, and instructions which are essential parts of the trials of faith. 

We are all redeemed as stars, but many are wandering stars. It takes following divine direction to actualize your full potential. Until you get connected to God’s guidance by the Word, you will have no access to a private discussion with Him. God leads you to bring you into the full realization of His agenda for your life; Exodus 33:22.

Cost of Misdirection

Paul as an Example; Acts 21:10-32; 22:18-22.

He had so much revelation from God but still could not survive the cost of misdirection.

It takes spiritual sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit to make the most of your life as misdirection can be very costly. Many don’t survive the cost of misdirection.

Wonders of Divine Direction 

1. It empowers you to command the supernatural; Isaiah 45:1-3.

2. It empowers you to gain access to supernatural blessings; Deuteronomy 28:1-2, Psalms 23:6.

3. It infuses supernatural strength in you; Judges 6:14, Ephesians 3:16.

Covenant Day of Vengeance

We serve a God of vengeance, but it is one’s responsibility as a child of God to invoke vengeance against the wicked. When you condemn, God confirms; Isaiah 54:7, Psalms 7:9; 94:1-4, Luke 18:7, Acts 13:8-11. God’s vengeance against the wicked is exclusive to only His children. You must become a child of light to qualify for God’s vengeance in the camp of your enemies; Isaiah 49:25-26. Vengeance is a vital asset in God’s end-time agenda. We are in the days of the vengeance of the Lord; Isaiah 61:1-2, Luke 4:18. 

Amongst all other things, God invokes vengeance through the anointing; Psalms 89:24, Isaiah 10:27. As the anointing oil comes upon your head today, the God of vengeance will go before you and fight for you! 

The Mystery of the Anointing Oil

1. Healing

2. Destruction of every yoke

3. Breakthroughs