Preacher: Bishop David Abioye 

Gift are endowment but keys are for possession

Salary is what you labor for, blessing is what you’re favored with

The pathway to favor is learning.;

How to possess what it takes to get it done 

  • Undying passion for the kingdom of God

Addiction to God makes you enjoys addition from God

Passion mean to have inducing love for God 

You don’t define passion, you reflect passion. 

Passion is not to be described it’s to be manifested 

If you love him; you show it 

Action is the language of Love 

Passion for the kingdom of God is to be restless for the kingdom of God – Ps 102:13-15. 

God measures what we do, when it’s set he’ll set -Ps102:15

Until your passion is accredited your favor will not be certificated 

Nehemiah’s qualification was a passion for God

You can’t have passion of God and not have a passage in life – Neh. 2:1-4 

You can’t live him and lose his power. 

Power is reserved for those who have passion -Neh 5:14 

  • A lifestyle of praise 

Praise would always command favor from God ps 149:1-3 

David – Ps 119:164  Ps 34:1, 1cor 28:4, Ps 69:30-31, Ps 149:4, Ps 149:3, 2 Sam 6:14  

Esther Esth 5:1-3. Ps47:1. 


In prayer we deal on promises in praise we deal on sworn blessings