Preacher: Bishop David Oyedepo

There is no group salvation

No group revelation

No group encounter 

No group honor

No group change  of story 

No group blessing 

The Bible is a book of what to do to secure access to what God has provided – Lk 6:46

Whatever he tells you to do, do it, you can’t commit him without doing it

The Bible is a manual for profitable living and not a history book 

We so enjoy the principle that we don’t have a place for it’s correction and instruction. Herb 4:2 

You draw the profiting through your faith

What you receive and believe you’re empowered to become – Josh1:8

There’s what we must do to make our way prosperous and have good success. 

Favour would give a place to a slave 

Favor would decorate a prisoner 

Nothing flies in hard times like favor 

How to flow in favor in hard times 

Ps 37:18, 19

  • Delightsome  obedience to the word is key to a world of favor Deut 28:1, Ps 112:1-3 
  • Until you’re set to comply with the terms of the delivery of your inheritance it will never be in view Eph 2:8

Grace means divine favor, every child of God is born of favor (Ephesians 2:8) we did nothing to be saved, it’s an election of predetermination

Rom 8:29-30, Rom 9:12 

New birth is an escape from the kingdom of darkness where there is weeping am gnashing of teeth to where there is laughter 

Matt 8:12, Matt 24:51, Rev 12:12 

There are two kingdoms the kingdom of darkness and light 

Salvation is what defines where you belong Ps 2:4, Rom 14:17, Ps 5:12, Ps 1:3 

Favor is the birth right of every seed of Abraham – Gal 3:29 

Every child of God is a spiritual Jew – Rom 2:29 

Favor preserved Joseph when he was supposed to be killed – Neh 1:1 

Every seed of Abraham have a seal of favor on their forehead – 1 Cro 28:4 

Good understanding procures Favor – Prov 13:2, Ps25:14

Things To Do To Provoke The Manifestation Of Favor 

  • A proven salvation experience 2 Cor 5:17 
  • Be committed to the fear of the lord as a lifestyle Dan.6:4, 5 
  • Proven love for God 1chr28:4, Rom 8:28
  • Kingdom advancement sacrifice. 1chr29:3

Favor enthrones – Gen 39:12

Favor open a door to financial fortune 

Favor makes high fliers

Favor preserves 

Favor secure posterity Gen 14:14