The Spirit of faith is our security against the assault of the enemy – Isa. 59:19

Nothing decorates destiny like the Spirit of Faith Mark 9:23

You can’t have the spirit of faith and not know. Acts 24:14

The Spirit of Faith empowers the believer to believe all things.

The gift of God has a multiplier effect to multiply in the life of any one that believes

It takes a crave to encounter power.

The Spirit of Faith is the same for all generations – Lk. 1:17

The Spirit of faith is a requirement for any man to operate in the reality of his Promised land. – Num. 14:24

The Church is the solution centre of the world.

Behind all exploits in the kingdom, is the Spirit of faith.


  1. It is the Spirit that speaks through its carrier – Matt. 10:20
  2. It makes incredible moves – Heb. 11:7
  3. The spirit of faith is at rest in the midst of the storm – Matt. 8:26-28
  4. It dares the undareable. – Dan. 3:18

The Spirit of faith is the Abrahamic order of faith that staggers not at the promise of God – Rom. 4:20

The Spirit of faith is the God realm of faith – Mark 11:22

You cannot have the faith of God and be oppressed by the devil.

What the world has been suffering from is just a noisome pestilence; there is nothing in it.

The Spirit of faith delivers with speed.

No disease in the world has any legal access to your life. – Exo. 23:25

Every child of God has the heritage of fruit bearing. – Ps. 127:3

Unbelief is the greatest deterrent to accessing our Promised land.

The Spirit of faith boosts your confidence in God.