TEXT: Isaiah 54:10

SPEAKER: Bishop David .O. Oyedepo

God has a package called ‘The Covenant of Peace’ for you; Ezekiel 34:25. The end-time Church is a highly prophetic Church and the Bible is a more sure Word of prophecy; Isaiah 54:10. 

God always speaks to the future; Ezekiel 34:25, John 14:27. 

The Bible is a book of prophecy! 

Every prophetic word demands praise for delivery; 2 Chronicles 20: 17 – 22. In other words, praise is required to see prophecies fulfilled; Isaiah 38:20. 

Complaining complicates issues ( 2 Corinthians 11:3, Psalms 65:11). Every day, you must be charged to praise God, most especially for the rest of the year. Every day remaining in this year must be charged with praise so that prophecies can be fulfilled in your life.

Murmuring messes up your life and complaining complicates issues because God is always displeased when you complain. Hence, you should not frustrate the grace of God in your life by complaining, but rather you should praise. Praise is a special requirement to ensure the fulfillment of God’s agenda for your life for the rest of the year.


The kingdom of God to which you belong is a kingdom of peace (Colossians 1:13, Colossians 1:20, Philippians 4:7). Peace is one of the vital proofs or evidence of God. It is a medium through which God takes over our weaknesses. If you want peace, be committed to the study of the word. 

Grace and peace multiplies by love; Psalms 119:165, Luke 6:26.

God made a covenant of peace with mankind through the shedding of the blood of Jesus. Being born again means to naturally manifest the nine parts of the fruit of the Spirit of which peace is one. Peace is one of the vital proofs of redemption; Galatians 5:22.

Great peace are they whose mind is stayed on the word. Continue to keep your mind on things above and you’ll be at peace; Colossians 3:1. 

Don’t put pleasure before labour, or else you will live under pressure.

The Wonders Embedded in Peace

1. Peace is a medium through which God takes over your battles; Exodus 14:14.

– Until you hold your peace, God cannot fight for you. 

– When there is no rest, there is unbelief/doubt. 

2. Peace is God’s manifest presence; Psalms 46:10.

Covenant Requirements for Operating in the Realm of Peace

1. Be born again; Revelation 3:20.

– New birth is the gateway to the order of peace that fights your battle.  

2. Be filled with the Holy Ghost; Romans 14:17, Acts 12:4.

– The Holy Ghost has the capacity to launch you into the realm of peace.  

3. Be committed to the study of the Word; 2 Peter 1:2, Daniel 11:32.

– Great peace is multiplied by the Word; Psalms 119:165.

4. Continue to keep your mind and affection on the things of God; Colossians 3:1.

– Make the things of God your focus for living and you will be at peace. 

5. Be committed to following the leading of the Spirit; Isaiah 48:17-18.

– God always leads in the path of peace. When peace is lacking, watch it!

6. Beware of minding things too high for you; Psalms 131:1.

– Stop toying with what robs you of your peace!

For instance, do not build before working, build from the output of your work. When you put pleasure before labour, you will end up under pressure.

Don’t live under pressure!