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Are you a software engineer or a network/satellite engineer willing to serve God in this capacity? Please submit you application online.

Within the group, you would be able to leverage on your core strengths to serve the Lord in either the Hardware Sub-Group or Software Sub-Group. Fill the form below:

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One Of Our Core Values is Spirituality. In order to serve GOD and get rewarded, you have to be spiritually minded


Hard Work always pays. In Winners’ Chapel ICT Group, There’s no room for laziness. Diligence is One Of Our Core Values


Creativity is One Of Our Core Values. We are creative in all we do


Sacrifice is another Core Value we hold. It takes sacrifice and selflessness to really serve GOD wholeheartedly

Support Units

  • 1. Test Team

    This group makes sure a new project is tested and trusted before being released to the public

  • 2. Research & Development

    They make research and bring in Tech-Based new project ideas that will aid in promotion of the Kingdom

  • 3.Policy Implementation

    This support group helps in the enforcement of rules and  regulations guiding the group.

  • 4.Project Management Team

    This support group ensures that projects are effectively executed within the shorted possible time.

  • 5.Prayer Team

    This is the power house of the unit, praying for the uni, the church, the nation and the world at large

  • 6. Support

    They help in rendering support to anyone seeking help via any of the Living Faith Church Online Platforms, e.g, websites and Social Media Platforms

  • 7. Welfare

    The welfare group ensures the well-being of members of the ICT Group. They don’t also fail in joining members in their moments of celebrations, e.g, marriages, birthdays, etc.

  • 8. Social Media

    The Social Media Team helps in making sure all our Social Media Handles are well in place. They also help in promoting the Kingdom via Social Media Platforms.

  • 9. Graphics Team

    The Graphics Team gives us beautiful graphic designs in display. They make sure the group as well as the church is served with quality resolutions.

  • 10. Request Management Team

    The Request Management Team handles and processes all project requests both from the church and within the group

Our Focus

“A telecast shall be used to put on screen the Gospel across nations”