Dedicated To Serving GOD

We’re committed to serving GOD and the interest of HIS Kingdom.

Are you a software engineer or a network/satellite engineer willing to serve God in this capacity? Please submit you application online.

Within the group, you would be able to leverage on your core strengths to serve the Lord in either the Hardware Sub-Group or Software Sub-Group. Fill the form below:

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One Of Our Core Values is Spirituality. In order to serve GOD and get rewarded, you have to be spiritually minded


Hard Work always pays. In Winners’ Chapel ICT Group, There’s no room for laziness. Diligence is One Of Our Core Values


Creativity is One Of Our Core Values. We are creative in all we do


Sacrifice is another Core Value we hold. It takes sacrifice and selflessness to really serve GOD wholeheartedly

Our Focus

“A telecast shall be used to put on screen the Gospel across nations”